Who are the Guardians of Truth and Integrity?
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S. Koby Taswell, Adam Craig
Brain Health Alliance Virtual Institute, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694 USA
On October 9th, Brain Health Alliance (BHA, a US IRS 501-c-3 nonprofit organization) hosted Guardians 2023, our 2nd annual conference entitled Who are the Guardians of Truth and Integrity? The Guardians conferences focus on the global impact of information cyberwars on citizens of planet Earth. Internationally in media of many forms, information has been warped and twisted, resulting in disease, death, and destruction around the globe. To combat the spread of lies and extremified propaganda, the Guardians conferences strive to promote better understanding and awareness about the harm caused by information wars, and to advance learning and knowledge about how to support truth and integrity through technological and sociological research and education for communications in science, engineering, and medicine.
Research integrity, citational justice, publishing ethics, scientific truth, GWAS, fake stuff, academic ghosting, FAIR Metrics.
Brainiacs Journal 2022 Volume 4 Issue 2 Edoc Y331839FB
DOI: 10.48085/Y331839FB
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Created 2023-10-09, received 2023-10-09, updated 2023-12- 23, published 2023-12-23, endorsed 2023-12-31.
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