Who are the Guardians of Truth and Integrity?
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Adam Craig, S. Koby Taswell, Anousha Athreya, Carl Taswell
Brain Health Alliance Virtual Institute, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694 USA
Brain Health Alliance (BHA), a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, will host an online virtual workshop at ASIST 2022 for the library, data, and information sciences community to discuss the now tragically prevalent information cyberwars impacting global citizens of planet earth. These online information wars have resulted in real deaths with loss of life and destruction of entire cities that many believe should have been prevented, whether in the current fight to stop the spread of viral disease, in political election voting disputes and the fight to stop the spread of polarizing and extremified propaganda, and in military campaigns and the fight by freedom-loving peoples who defend their sovereign territory to stop unnecessary wars of aggression, invasion, and criminal genocide. We believe that when some choose to spread propaganda and lies for autocratic dictators, others must stand up and fight to defend truth and integrity in support of democracy and the freedom to live in safety without fear of being imprisoned or poisoned to death for speaking and writing the truth with integrity that should save lives. The BHA workshop on guardians of truth and integrity will provide tutorials with training sessions on open-source PDP-DREAM software and open-access NPDS data repositories from the PORTAL-DOORS Project with its mission to promote transparency, reproducibility, accountability, and citational justice in scholarly communications. In order to support democratic societies for all global citizens of planet earth who wish to be free and safe from unnecessary wars of criminal genocide, we must build the necessary software systems and electronic digital cyberinfrastructure to assure that all citizens of planet earth in every society and country have access to the free flow of information without censorship by any single person, organization, or government.
Research integrity, citational justice, FAIR metrics, idea-laundering plagiarism, idea-bleaching censorship, misconduct, retractions.
Brainiacs Journal 2022 Volume 3 Issue 2 Edoc Y9F719AA4
DOI: 10.48085/Y9F719AA4
PDP: /Nexus/Brainiacs/Craig2022WAGTI
received 2022-05-04, published 2022-12-29, revised 2023-02-22, endorsed 2023-02-22
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